Product of Our Imagination

Product of Our Imagination

1. Point of no return
2. Understanding of love
3. New York City
4. Ravens
5. Lions of God
6. Lava
7. Sundown
8. Luna
9. Shine
10. Spirit of Dead
11. Heart
12. Allyson

Kiadó: 1G Records
Megjelenés éve: 2002

Felvételek a HSB stúdióban történtek 2002. májusában. 
Hangmérnök-producer: Hidasi Barna és Blind Myself. 
Mastering: Rgenye Zoltán, HSB Stúdió. 

Szövegek és zene Blind Myself


Point of no return

Smashed to reality
Choosen way was wrong
Won the price
You never know
Until you've made choice
You never know
Point of no return
Understanding of love
Understanding of love
When the mountain seems like a hill
And the ocean seems weak
For the eyes
There's a force
That's-like-fire turns the won't into will or dies
You must taste the ash and feel the cold
To realize how great the fire was

New York City


All of my candles have a deep and dark
Blood red coloured flame
They turn deeper and darker every day
Today every piece of my body has
Become flammable
You quiet me down
After you criticised me so many times
That it makes me wanna hang myself
You said that this was the broken hope
I would rather call it bleeeding love
Ravens! Let's get together!
It`s time to have some fun, some madness.
Now! Let's fly together!
Violence, we need violence
The pigeons were so friendly
They set upon my shoulders
And whispered sweet chirps in my ear
But the ravens killed them all

Lions of God


The challange of organic
That dares to dare
Divides and sets free
Until the newborn brakes and takes
Forbidden pleasure for
The same price
Gets the desired effect
Leads astray the error and
When it feels the end may speaks right
Those who once dared
Will consider again.
It surrounds us and still don`t care like:
Lava-Argument Flood
Lava-Empowers not
Lava-to feel enduring
Answer came from inside this world
From the ancient past


Raised to be
Placed among confused minds
Became one of those without realizing
Not the one-who used to be
Slowly turned somwhere else, some place
Where you can't reach the source of mystery
Unable to let you know that it was enough
There's no you
You got closed inside
With the entire world
So there's no reason to look outside anymore
But still not courageus to move on
By following the deep tendencies
Merely a mistake
Steep lechase


Depression sets in
Moonlight Darkness
When we rest our heads
Others come out like:
Rats , roaches and parasites
Looking to mop every bit of moonlight in sight
Lost in the shadows
My light grows dim
When they rest their gluttent bellies
Expand digesting their meal
Conspiring when to make their next move

Shine (tunell)

Spirit of Dead

Could not keep it alive
So melodies are out of tune
Samples of dead
Used for recreation
But the clones don't have the spirit
That we used to hear singing inside
Spirit of the dead
I wanna breathe your breath
Wake up and look into my eyes
Take the power of sorrow
Take your time
Wake up
Look at me
Open your eyes, now, now...
I wanna smell your sweat
Made up harmonies can not take your appatite away
And our starving for real
Can't be eased by reheated second version


Fear of falling down
Means nothing but a pleasure
Confront the failure
Smashed to reality
Choosen way was wrong
No expectations, it's even worse
Until you've made the choice
Point of no return