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  • 1. Center of everything

    2. Innocent's hell
    3. Kain
    4. Thief
    5. Heaven't
    6. Crabs
    7. Oceans of Crabs
    8. Kick the Rotten Fruit
    9. Apple
    10. Black Magic Bitch
    11. Circle of Pain
    12. Survival
    13. Cry of the Earth
    14. Half-breed hand
    15. Leo vs. Taurus

    Kiadó: 1G Records/Warner
    Megjelenés éve: 1999

    A felvétel 1999-ben készült a HSB Studióban. 
    Producer: Blind Myself, VicLaz és Hidasi Barnabás. 
    Keverte: Hidasi Barnabás és VicLaz. 
    Mastering: Gyurkovszky György és VicLaz a Golden Sound Studioban, Budapesten 

    Zene: Blind Myself 
    Szövegek: Molnár Gábor és Tóth Gergő 

    Hidasi Barnabás - billentyűsök, sample-ek 
    Szabados Györgyi - hegedű Center of Everything-ben 
    Czerovszky Henriett - vokál az Oceans of Crabs-ben 
    Goldschmidt György - billentyűs a Cry of the Earth-ben
  • Center of everything

    Center of everything

    Take it away, bring me the message from lord of glory
    Take it away, take that all of us had strended here.
    We're diein' here by hunger, people passin' me by
    But the animals come surround us more and more
    Until they must have eat us people.
    Than eat themselves
    Center of everything
    At last the plastic garbage their souls fly up to
    The sky and moulder center of everything
    Moulder among the other planets
    Where they become one

    To be a planet
    To be worms
    To be pregnant animals
    Animals and to be human
    Let everything start from the begining
    Just for you.

    Innocent's hell

    Hey I know you
    I know all your steps
    You don't know yet
    What're you waiting for

    innocent's hell.

    Why can't see your
    Real face in the
    Lake of pride

    I see it
    You never forget

    Everything is known there

    The Face is face
    The Lie is lie
    The Blood is blood
    The Pride is pride there
    And your dead
    ... Exist ...


    Káin, öcséd vére felkiált hozzám a Földrõl légy tehát átkozott a Földön,
    amely megnyitotta száját, hogy beigya testvéred vérét, amelyet kezeddel ontottál ki. Ha mûveled a földet nem ad neked termést, hontalan és bújdosó leszel a Földön.

    Next level of spiritual life
    Getting better in the soulless wall
    Have you ever... basic of true yourself
    Right for your hold, for your earth

    Oly nagy a vétkem, hogy nem tudom elviselni, lám ma elûztél földemrõl
    és el kell rejtõznöm elõled
    Hontalan és bújdosó leszek a Földön és bárki rámtalál megölhet

    I should have broken your hand
    Broken your leg
    You shouldn't have split on the ground
    You shouldn't have split to your face
    I should have broken your hand
    Broken your leg


    Should I take it?

    The knowledge is deep
    Inside him
    Nobody, nobody knows it
    Burns his conscience
    Frightened every day

    He had the best performance
    But he’s still playing.


    I'm the thief
    'cause you stole my faith
    I'm the thief
    I'm your nightmare
    He'll expose
    Expose tomorrow

    I'm the thief


    Your beauty sky is gray sometimes
    A lot of isolation, a lot of…
    Last breath is leave your mouth
    A lot of hate, a lot of…
    Civilizations before burning
    A lot of pain, a lot of heart
    The people after humanity
    Sorry, I can't fight. I'm too old - inside
    See the art - use your mind, start the game hold the change
    Love-cry, pride-fate, peace-war, crime-time, power, lie, whore, die,
    We're the answers for your questions.
    Mi vagyunk a válaszok a kérdéseitekre
    You lived in my dream, you were strong and beauty, you were a nice tree you are in a nice tree today, suicide,
    insane against the soul (you're dead), soul against the mind, mind against the fight, fight against the fear, fear against the world, world against God, God against the world...
    World against the world,
    God, fear, soul
    Mind, fight, world
    Today nothing, leave me alone
    Life - machine - human
    Human heaven't.


    instrumentális / instrumental

    Oceans of Crabs

    Oceans of Crabs

    Me that was me who has been in
    Contact with you for ages
    I know, I know even
    If I don't try, I don't care
    That I don't live a successful
    Life but that's me
    I'm nothing, my muscles
    Are not bulging out
    My fingers are not moving
    And now I'm only thinking about silence
    My eyes are not opening
    May be once more to step ahead
    To tell who am I, to tell that's me
    But it doesn't work I'm suffering

    I wanna hide in the bottom of the sea of the deads
    Where only crabs have enough of me too
    It doesn't work no


    May be once more to step ahead
    To tell who am I to tell that's me

    Kick the Rotten Fruit

    instrumentális / instrumental



    Kick the rotten fruit

    Life is full of fresh energy
    Depth on my tongue the beauty is mortal

    You could have a bite
    Out of happiness

    If it doesn't taste
    Good spit, spit it out

    Kick the rotten fruit
    This is the forbidden fruit

    As it splashes on your face
    As it drops down your forehead

    Now I know you're the big nothing
    And I'm the God of the World

    Mortal beauty

    Mortal beauty, everlasting ugliness

    Black Magic Bitch

    lack Magic Bitch

    I'm weak, she's so strong
    Empty words
    Hot minutes, exciting breast
    Trembling hands
    Pretty nose killer fears
    I try to defeat myself
    There's no success for me
    I try to fight myself
    The instinct wins.
    I couldn't have opened the truth
    I couldn't have resisted you.
    Impatient look sweating hands
    Good looking face wet pussies
    Temptations high my feet are cold

    Devil's eyes
    Black magic

    Lips, hot pussy, naked,
    bow-job, ass, sensuality
    These things are all in my brain.
    Black magic bitch - my destiny
    Black magic bitch - plays with me

    Hold on for a few seconds.

    Circle of Pain

    Circle of Pain

    I have no idea, strong behind the weak
    I have no idea, silence covers your life
    I have no idea, no more sounds to hear
    I have no idea, kill

    Circle of pain

    I have no idea, different mind in one
    I have no idea, the unknown depth
    I have no idea, motherfucking pollution
    I have no idea, kill

    I have power, power to kill
    I'm stupid, I'm stupid to understand
    Kill - kill

    I have no idea, strong behind the weak
    I have no idea, silence covers your life

    From inside
    To my dark half


    In a wonderland inside garbage heap
    The perfect life form means a shit
    The sun goes down with our tomorrow
    I don't remember my mission, my roots.
    We live just day by day
    With any reason, with any skill.
    We've left our brothers,
    We've left our dogs
    We never learn from our mistakes
    Hey, suit guy hold my cross
    Wake up now, wake up now…
    We've killed or future for having fun
    Erase my past, erase our past
    Adrenaline's drumming my brain
    My heart is beating with double rhytm.
    I can do anything for us
    I can't see the goal of my life
    I can't hear the solutions
    I don't know the finish.
    Shame - shame - shame
    Szégyen - szégyen - szégyen
    How to be a human
    A killed animal is a mirror
    A killed child is a mirror
    I hope the earth survives us

    Cry of the Earth

    instrumentális / instrumental

    Half-breed hand

    Half-breed hand

    How much does the freedom cost
    How much is the faith
    How much does the feeling cost
    How much is the skin?
    How much does the writing cost
    How much is the pain?
    How much does the freedom cost

    Freedom - feeling - writing - freedom
    Please give me a good advice
    And your life, and your life

    And your life

    I'll coming back-I promise

    He never comes back
    You promised that you come back
    But you heard the voice
    He never comes back

    Leo vs. Taurus

    Leo vs. Taurus

    I feel the transition
    I feel the eternal
    I feel the grinder on my heart
    Million drawings on the firmament
    I can go ahead
    Until I reach Taurus

    LEO against the hole world
    The handstand you're the autonomous
    You can't understand


    The circle of blood
    The circle of my blood

    My brother

    My brother in my war
    My brother in my heart
    I help you


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